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Digital Methods Winter School Program 2018 The Social Lives of Digital Methods: Encounters, Experiments, Interventions2017 Doing Things with Data Infrastructures2...
r19 - 22 Dec 2017 - 23:02 by SabineNiederer
Field analytics: prestige and position taking among journalistic startups 1. Introduction Today, journalism is facing fundamental challenges to both its financia...
r3 - 30 May 2018 - 13:36 by MichaelStevenson
Collaborative Archiving Digital Art Team Members Annet Dekker (University of Amsterdam / Claudia Roeck (University of Amsterdam) Dusan Barok (Un...
Mapping Data Intensive App Infrastructures Team Members Anne Helmond, Fernando van der Vlist, Esther Weltevrede, Lonneke van der Velden, Michael Dieter, Nate Tka...
r3 - 06 Feb 2018 - 10:41 by AnneHelmond
Main.XiaofengDai 30 Jan 2018 Alt Left and Antifa Team Members Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam), Umberto Boschi (Utrecht University), Xiaofeng Dai (Desig...
#metoo Meaning making, rhetoric and boundary work on Twitter Team Members * Anita Say Chan (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign) * Sofia Chiarini (Den...
r7 - 11 Jun 2018 - 11:11 by NataliaSanchez
Mind the gap Mapping the politics of the skills gap in higher education Team Members * Dr. Melody Viczko, Western University of Canada * Shannon McKechnie,...
NEW - 18 Mar 2018 - 15:35 by FernandoVanDerVlist
Mapping the European Alt right on YouTube Team Members Guido van der Meer Marc Middel Anne Myrthe Korvinus In collaboration with all the other members from the “...
NEW - 31 Jan 2018 - 20:53 by GuidoVanDerMeer
"Russian Propaganda From Deleted Troll Accounts Is Still Live On Twitter And Instagram Thanks To These Apps" propa...
Team members Amber de Zeeuw Anne Wijn Carlo de Gaetano Chuyun Zhang Claudia Pazzaglia Enedina Ortega Gutierrez Felix Navarrete Frederike Lichtenstei...
r2 - 31 Jan 2018 - 09:14 by SabineNiederer
Main.RadmilaRadojevic 12 Jan 2018
NEW - 12 Jan 2018 - 13:28 by RadmilaRadojevic
Do not forget to share this picture...the social lives of solidarity hashtags Team Members Marloes Geboers (Visual Methodologies, Amsterdam University of Applied...
r9 - 23 Jan 2018 - 14:00 by MarloesGeboers
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