Instagram Scraper

Retrieves Instagram images for hashtags, locations, or user names.


*Since Instagram has recently changed its platform regulations, this tool has stopped working on June 1 2016. More information here.*

For hashtags, enter a set of hashtags (without '#', one per line). For locations, enter a set of coordinates (format: lat|lon|distance - in meters, one per line). For users, enter a set of user names (one per line).

Then enter your Instagram client ID. Set the number of results you want (they are ordered reverse chronologically), and specify a name for the result.

The output will be a list of results with the following information: id, type, created_time, link, images, videos, likes, comments, tags, caption_text, location, user_username, user_full_name, user_profile_picture, user_id, user_website, user_bio, attribution, filter, users_in_photo

To get tag networks, you can use the following tool by Bernhard Rieder:

To download all the images, go to the top menu > output > HTML output. Then you can download all the images via e.g. the Firefox extension downthemall or the Chrome extension download master. If there are many images (e.g. hundreds or thousands), this procedure might explode your computer. Instead, you might want to use the following procedure: go to the top menu > output > CSV. Save the file to your computer and use it with this command line script to quickly retrieve all images (tested with tens of thousands of instagram images).

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