Screenshot generator

Produce screenshots for a list of URLs


Provide the tool with a list of distinct URLs (one per line) and they will be visited by a 'virtual browser'. The browser will load the page and take a screen capture. By default, the entire page will be saved as a JPEG image. Once the tool has finished, the resulting files can be downloaded as a single ZIP files using the output menu at the top of this window. The image filenames should contain a recognizable reference to the input URL. You may also find the corresponding original URL inside the CSV file, which you can also download using the output menu.

When using Wayback Machine URLs, you may want to remove the Internet Archive toolbar. There are multiple ways of doing this: read about the URL flags you can use to see what works for you.

Request timeout parameter

This tool will normally wait until the entire page is properly rendered. Some pages may have design issues such as infinite javascript loops or could have temporary server-side issues. The maximum timeout parameter specifies how long our tool should wait until it aborts.

Delay/sleep between request (in seconds)

Loading and rendering and URLs obviously causes a slight load on the remote host. By default, we'll wait a few seconds in-between our requests. This makes sense when we're querying the same main host (such as URLs). You may adjust/lower this setting if you are querying many different hosts or are certain the remote host is capable of handling many requests.

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