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Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Combination Skin

- If you often experience skin irritation, rashes and other allergic signs when using some beauty products, then maybe you have skin that is sensitive.

Sensitive skin is more sensitive than other types so it will be easier to react when in contact with chemicals or compounds in a given product.

Not only care products to look out, because usually the food will cause symptoms of irritation when consumed. Any food that usually trigger irritation and allergies? Here's the explanation.

Below are best sensitive skin care products and some foods that should be avoided by sensitive skin in order to avoid the itching and irritation.

1. Foods containing gluten

To more easily understand what gluten, then the entire protein in wheat is considered as gluten. When these substances are consumed, it will cause problems in the intestine pengkonsumsinya, in many cases generally cause rashes and itching.

To find out if we belong to a group that is vulnerable to this type of protein is by consuming them. When it found signs of irritation and allergic skin or other body parts then we might be included into the group.

But this does not mean that gluten was the cause, we may have other food allergies. To ensure the food is what triggers it, we can try to eliminate one by one.

When gluten is not found when eliminating irritation symptoms then it is almost certain that glutenlah cause, but when eliminating gluten signs or symptoms persist it is possible that other foods that caused it.

2. Dairy products

Some people have an allergy to milk, not even a bit of a phobia against one of these types of drinks. If the beverage is drunk by people who have sensitive skin and eczema, the eczema disorder will worsen.

3. Eggs

Part eggs that commonly cause allergies are egg whites, histamine some people think that egg white is included unrecognized foreign substance so the body will take the fight.

4. Soybeans

Not a few people who consider the body's defense system as foreign substances and soy dangerous that would automatically reject these foods.

As a result, the skin will feel itching, burning heat and redness. These are all signs of allergy, because soy is often included in various types of food then for those of you who have an allergy to these foods are expected to be more careful in choosing foods.

5. Grapes

The wine has a compound called with tannin, tannin can trigger excess skin reactions in some cases. Although the symptoms are caused visible only when consumed in large quantities, but did not rule allergy signs will soon be felt when it begins to eat it.

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