Bots and the black market of engagement

Team Members

Lead: Janna Joceli Omena, Jason Chao & Elena Pilipets. Participants: Bence Kollanyi, Bruno Zilli, Giacomo Flaim, Horacio Sívori, Kim van Ruiven, Lieke Rademakers, Mengying Li & Serena Del Nero (alphabetical).



Summary of Key Findings

Briefly describe your most significant findings.

1. Introduction

Introduce the subject matter, and why it is compelling / significant.

2. Initial Data Sets

List and describe your data sets.

3. Research Questions

Clearly state your research questions and any hypotheses / expectations.

4. Methodology

Explain your methodology / approach.

5. Findings

If the models are not loading, you can find both at <a href='' title='this link'>this link</a>. All code can be found at the project's GitHub repository.

<iframe height='800' src='' width='1500'></iframe>

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6. Discussion

Discuss and interpret the implications of your findings and make recommendations for future research and application, be it societal, academic or technical (or some combination).

7. Conclusions

Present a summary of what you have found, and its significance.

8. References

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