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Summary of Key Findings

Each general thread comes with a certain temporal rhythm. "Bakers" who make "bread" (threads) make a selection of source and update general threads following specific guideline (specific number of threads).

1. Introduction

4Chan has been on the forefront of the internet "meme wars"

2. Initial Data Sets

  • Trump - 2 weeks
    • Gender reading: comments and photographs: entire archive
    • June 20 - June 21 - 24 hrs period, combing through all the comments - signing the executive order, news of the event, after it's rolled back.
    • Duration of a thread - the vitality/ longevity of the general thread.
  • Syria - 2 weeks
    • tracing original
    • all links depth 1 crawl

3. Research Questions

Clearly state your research questions and any hypotheses / expectations.

4. Methodology

Explain your methodology / approach.

5. Findings

  • Minimaping the different rationlisations for the executive order.
  • Syria: A list of external sources that frame the narrative.
    • Wordpress w/ conspiracy theories claiming to be a core actors of a movemnet: taking ownership of the movement
  • General: media ecology of sites, with the general thread acting as a "stabilizing element" of the external information.

6. Discussion

Discuss and interpret the implications of your findings and make recommendations for future research and application, be it societal, academic or technical (or some combination).

7. Conclusions

Present a summary of what you have found, and its significance.

8. References

List your references in a standard academic bibliographic format.
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