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AmericanApparelImagery s/SFge0nrcLcI/AAAAAAAADZU/cs_vKSGHANo/s400/american_appare...
NEW - 22 Jan 2010 - 15:43 by MichaelStevenson
National Googles "PageRank is a global ranking of all web pages, regardless of their content, based solely on their location in the web s graph structure."Larry ...
NEW - 15 Dec 2009 - 12:48 by EstherWeltevrede
Local and Global Information Sources In the Local and Global Information Sources project we looked at human rights in various Google versions, and asked whether...
The Nationality of Issues. Rights Types What may be expected when interpreting search engine results, especially the rankings of sites for particular queries? Wha...
Web Words: a Vocabulary of the Web Interface Introduction The Web is 'Search' and 'More.' We may already know this intuitively: online content, and our experien...
NEW - 25 Nov 2009 - 16:07 by MichaelStevenson
Wikipedia Controversy Indicator The Wikipedia Controversy indicator is a tool that shows which Wikipedia templates are associated with articles. Wikipedia templat...
Images from the Retina section of Renaissance 2.0 in HotWired (1995)
NEW - 15 Sep 2010 - 23:00 by MichaelStevenson
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