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Pokemon Go: Our 10 tips to start and become the best trainer!

Finally ! You dreamed, Niantic and Nintendo did! Pokémon trainer you're ready to capture any and all challenges! To help you in this unique quest of its kind that combines gaming, augmented reality and social interactions, we offer these tips to help you start the adventure well and quickly reach the level of the greatest masters of the League Pokémon! Let's start our discussion to Download Fly GPS Pokemon GO Hack

1. Getting into the adventure

As in previous versions, you will not only start your adventure. Willow is the teacher who will accompany you and explain the basics of catching pocket monsters in this best guide to pokemon go hack online. For now, only the first generation of Pokémon are available but Niantic reported desire propose Pokémon from other generations in future updates.

Choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle one. Touch the Pokémon you want to catch, shout for joy, take a deep breath and start your Pokéball. Do not worry, these first Pokémon does not flee ... if you aim well! We strongly recommend disabling augmented reality by clicking the RA button on the top left of the screen. This will make it much easier for the capture Pokémon will not move in any direction if your hand shakes or if you walk in the street.

2. How to start the game with Pikachu

If you do not want to start the game with the starters in the first generation, there is a little trick that allows you to start the adventure with Pikachu! When the title offers you to capture one of three starters, will capture in no and walk away from them.

If you walk far enough, they will reappear next to you. Stay away from them again until they disappear once again.

Repeat this four times and the fourth time, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur will be joined by Pikachu when they reappear. It remains for you to capture it!

3. Increase the chances of capture

As previously reported, disable Augmented Reality is almost mandatory to increase your chances to catch, but it is not the only action that can help you catch all the Pokémon! You will soon notice that some Pokémon are more complicated to catch than others. A white circle appears around the wild Pokémon and a second colored circle shrinks inside of it as you go. If the circle is green, it means that the Pokémon is easy to catch, orange means it is moderately difficult red and require a lot of effort and perseverance! But do not worry, we're here to help! You can download AppVN from officia website http://appvndownload.com

When you encounter a wild Pokemon, hold your finger on the Pokéball then make small quick circles while keeping your finger on the Pokéball until Pokéball flickers. Send your scintillating Pokéball aiming slightly left (or right, it does not matter) Pokémon while making sure that the colored circle has shrunk to the maximum, but not enough to have disappeared! If you do this perfectly, you will be rewarded by getting additional experience and catch rates will be higher! Do not also forget to use the berries to make your hunt if you are facing a rare Pokémon, this greatly simplifies the capture of some recalcitrant monsters.

4. Pokestops

The Pokestops checkpoints are scattered around the game that allow you to stock up on potions, and even Pokeballs earn experience points. These checkpoints can take many forms in the real world. And a bench, a monument or a church or police station can become a Pokestop. If you encounter a Pokestop, go to the place indicated on the application and scan the finger Pokestop image to retrieve the objects in it.

But be careful, if your inventory is full you will get back the experience and no additional object. We urge you to make room in your inventory before you activate a Pokestop. One thinks especially to Pokeballs which are given in large numbers while on the contrary the potions are much rarer. Feel free to separate you from your surplus Pokeballs to try to accumulate some essential potions to heal your Pokemon.

5. Install level

In Pokémon Go cheats , this is not the Pokémon gain experience but the trainers. Each Pokemon that you will capture, and depending on the quality of your Pokéball launched from, you gain experience. You also get to stopping Pokestops. You can also get Pokemon Go app from store. The application from this app store can let you to play Pokemon Go from any where in the world. You can also get many paid games like Minecraft for free from this app store.

Once you have accumulated enough experience, you climb level which will allow you to catch the most powerful Pokémon with less difficulty but especially to join one of three factions of the game.There are some hacks for for pokemon go that is pokesniper and you can download Pokesnipers apk from here to use it

6. Changing his Pokémon

Pokémon that version Go evolve differently from the versions for portable consoles. No experience points or levels for our beloved pocket monsters, but the stardust and candy to use. Indeed, when you catch a Pokémon, you get to star dust and some sweets (the number may vary depending on the Pokémon). To evolve a Pidgey in a Pidgeotto for example, you must give your 50 candy Pidgey. It will therefore catch a number of Pidgey initially to accumulate enough candy and use them on the Pidgey you want to change. You do not have to keep all Pokémon "surplus" captured and we urge you to give the Professor Willow who will exchange against the candy.

Please note that sweets are specific to each Pokémon family! Thus, a Pidgey, Pidgeotto or Pidgeot generate Pidgey candy that you can use with this family. Sweet Pidgey can not be used or exchanged for evolving a Caterpie in Metapod example.

7. Battle Points (or CP) of a Pokémon or return of eugenics

Go in Pokémon, Pokémon have Combat Points (CP), which represent their attack force. Over their CP, the higher will be the powerful Pokémon in battle. The CP of a Pokémon can be increased by giving the stardust. Each use of stardust fill in shaded circle arc gauge located above your Pokémon. It is through this gauge you can track the evolution of CP of a Pokémon and you will know the maximum limit of your Pokémon CP. Appvn is very good app to download pokemon go you can download appvn from here

Take into account that the Pokémon are not equal before the CP and the maximum value of CP is greatly varied between the same two Pokémon. You can roughly determine the final power of a Pokémon by comparing the present value of its CP and the fill rate of the gauge.For example, a 10 Doduo with CP but the gauge is empty will, in the long run, more powerful than having Doduo 10 CP but the gauge is half full. Indeed, you can use double stardust to increase CP's first Doduo while the second will be quickly limited. It is therefore more interesting to drive the first Doduo and transfer the second against Professor Willow candy.

8. Choose Faction

Once the level reaches 5, you will choose to join one of three factions that compete to dominate the world of Pokémon! To do this, go near any arena (neutral or not) and you will be invited to join one of them. Each of these factions corresponds to one of three legendary birds of the first generation. Moltres represents for Bravery Faction, Artikodin Wisdom faction and the faction Elektor Instinct. Select a team will allow you to actually take part in the cooperative aspect but especially competitive title including the battles for control of different arenas that are in your area (or even the world!).

9. Become a Master of Arena (s)

Now that you are affiliated with one of the three factions in the game, you can finally begin your climb to the top to become the greatest master of arenas in the world! For that, nothing simpler: get close to a nearby arena and if it is neutral (gray screen) then you only need to place a Pokémon to claim it in the name of your faction. Once controlled, the arena will take the color of your faction but mostly, you get every 20 hours of precious Pokecoins and star dust. So more than a sham, these arenas are important to recover more resources to facilitate your life trainer!

If the arena has already been claimed by an opposing faction, you will face the Pokémon who keep as many times as needed (depending on the level of the arena and the number of Pokémon) to dislodge its owner and so take Control.

10. How to fight and heal his Pokémon (without Potion!)

In free pokecoins cheats, forget the fighting turn-and a choice of four attacks. All played in real time.Tap the screen to attack, swipe to dodge the sides and keep your finger on the screen and release to perform a charge attack. Both say right away, you absolutely do not need to think.Type your screen like never until the opposing Pokémon dies. Learn all the same charter of the types of Pokémon to maximize your damage, taking advantage of the defense of your opponents.

If your Pokémon lose life, know that they do not recover with time and that, for now, there are no Pokémon Center where we can regenerate his Pokémon. It will therefore give a potion to your Pokémon. If he were to die, then the Pokémon will not be used and you will need a reminder to resurrect, available in Pokéstops or purchase in the game shop against real money. If you do not recall, you can also change the Pokémon recover all his life points to pass when the higher form. Finally, if you do not have the means or the desire to resurrect your Pokémon, you can always transfer the Willow against Professor candy.

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