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The human trafficking research paper states that though present-day slavery has common features with traditional slavery, there are a number of differences between them. Slaveholders completely control their slaves while the latter have to obey them and do everything that is required. As to the differences between human trafficking and traditional slavery, it should be noted that modern slaveholders have to carefully hide their slaves and control their activity in order to avoid making the situation public since human trafficking is illegal. Moreover, slaveholders cannot rely on the law; therefore, they often have to threaten slaves to make them obey or even beat them. In addition, traffickers can resort to violence against the family members of a slave to make him/her obey. Modern slaves have to cover transportation costs that leads to getting into debt bondage. Receiving rather small salary, they can only pay off some part of their debt and cover some living expenses. Slaveholders do not care for their slaves, and if a victim gets ill, he/she is left alone to die. Therefore, the prohibition of slavery made traffickers search for the new, illegal ways of selling people.

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