Though home inspection does not burden one financially it is the stress, without proper explanations which is more troublesome. Sometimes if you get a highly experienced and qualified inspector having knowledge about the engineering details of the buildings, construction he may make you run away by his detailed list of all the minor problems which may actually not even worth mentioning.

Practically speaking, the inspection should be mainly carried out about the structure of the house and its conditions. It should focus on foundation, its strength, framings and check for cracking or rotting. Roof inspection for problems with shingles and gutters, Plumbing, water heaters, fire place, wiring and heating systems properly perfect and functional.

Perth based construction company Austwest told us that some inspectors may bother the buyer with superficial problems like surface mould, painting issues and others leaving them dwindling without any exact estimate of the cost of fixing them. But then, this does really not mean that one should skip the inspection.

As if some major defect turns up, the buyer can get it either repaired by the seller or get price concessions. Waiving off the inspection option by buyer may burden him with the cost of repairs if defect is found afterwards.

Though there are many regulations for applying for a license of being a construction defects inspector you cannot trust the knowledge of solo flying home inspector that will do justice to the job.

Sometimes an inspector may not have to pay for the damages and defects those he missed and eventually cost the buyer. You can hire a certified one from Australian Home Inspections. They may not meet the required standard but in case of problems you can at least complain.

Don’t hire an inspector who builds relationships with agents and brokers as they may safely play down any problem for their gain.

For different issues you should consult the related experts along with construction defects inspector such as any technically qualified engineer for better assessing the quality and efficiency of air conditioning system, heating systems, and others.

Getting a home inspector does not mean that you going to get a house without any problems. Nothing is ideal in this world and so is home. There will be at least 50 or more problems with any house. It does not mean that you should beck out. It only means that now you are completely aware of the condition of the house everything else that you want to know.

It’s with this information that you decide the negotiation that either the seller should reduce the price or fix some of the problems for you to buy the house.

No inspection can however predict the problems occurring few months later. It can only provide you with current condition of the house.

Don’t think of inspecting on your own. It’s a professional’s job and should be better left to them. As construction defects inspection may not cost you more than a 1000$ it’s the money best spent to avoid future potential trouble.
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