Internet Relay Chat

IRC may be the oldest chat-protocol ever on the internet. It pre-dates the world wide web, but is still used on a large scale. IRC links a couple of IRC servers together, and allows users to create and participate in chatboxes using their IRC client. A few irc clients are:

  • Windows:
    • MIrc, the most used irc client for windows
    • Mozilla, the full version comes with it's own irc client
  • Unix:
    • ircII, very solid console based client
    • XChat, a graphical client for X
    • Mozilla, the full version comes with it's own irc client
  • Mac:

The 'nieuwe media chatbox' is on the irc server '', and the channel name is '#newmedia'. Most clients support the command '/server' for connecting to the server and '/join #newmedia' to join the channel. However, most graphical clients probably provide this functionality by some other means. If you can't figure it out, feel free to ask us!

-- KoenMartens - 19 May 2004

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